Too Much Info
  • Amir: When I was a baby, I pooped across the room apparently.
  • Me:
  • Ryland:
  • Amir:
  • Me:
  • Ryland:
  • Amir:
  • Me: What?
  • Ryland: What?
  • Amir: I literally shot a piece of shit out of my ass, according to my mom.
  • Me:
  • Ryland:
  • Amir:
  • Me:
  • Ryland:
  • Amir:
  • Ryland: Wow.
That would be an issue, wouldn't it?
  • Me: Time to search up some penis-related problems.
  • Ryland: I have this problem that when every time I pee, the universe comes out.

I still remember when we sang that one song together.
As creepy as it sounds, it’s the song that will always remind me of you. 

I still remember when we would fool around, 
play jokes on each other.
As stupid as it sounds,
I miss that.

I still remember when we were friends.
Smiled when we spoke,
laughed when we smiled,
relaxed when we laughed.

What happened?

When I need you most,
You weren’t there.
We never spoke afterwards.
We never looked at each other afterwards.

Yet you have the balls
to lie about our “friendship”?

Yeah. Fuck you too.
Sad part is,
I can’t fucking let you go.  

My mom would always tell me every night to go to sleep because we’d have to wake up tomorrow. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have to wake up and stay on my death bed for a long as my soul survives.